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In the working process of an enterprise, organization or private entrepreneur there appear a lot of business documents, and this, as a rule, rises a problem of keeping these documents. This problem is also connected with financial expenses: having a permanent employee for keeping the archive and finding a room for documents which at times may be very considerable. But you will forget about these problems when you hand over the documents to Business Archive.

Business Archive provides keeping, calculation and safety of the documents, handed over by enterprises, institutions, organizations, irrespectively of ownership patterns, in an established order for a constant or temporary keeping. The situation when the representatives of rating authority and law machinery suddenly come to the enterprises and withdraw financial and juridical documents, is, unfortunately, perceived as one of the annoying realities of business. But it appears that in the case of sudden check-up a businessman (an enterprise) may refuse to give the documents on the absolutely legal grounds. For doing so the official documents should be kept in an archive

This obligation is specified in law for natural and legal persons in the archive and it interprets the law č.499 Coll. on Archives and Records Service including any penalties provided for in § 73 a § 74 for breach of these obligations

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