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The price of the offered services directly depends on the amount and condition of the documentation, which is stored in the registry.
The price is also affected by the storage time, when the documentation will be stored in the file / archive until the time of shredding.
The price is variable, so we offer it approximately:
Other services related to document archiving and shredding
Transport, price for 1 km = 20 CZK
Handling, for 1 person / hour = 180 CZK
Liquidation of files = 199 CZK
Price for finding a document in the office = 250, -CZK / hour + postage
Copying and scanning of stored documents = 10, - CZK / pc (format А4)
Notarized copy 55, - CZK / pc (format А4)
* BM = standard A4 format = one meter of A4 documents = about 10-12 files
This price list is valid from 1.9.2021

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