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Company Profile NOK Group s.r.o.

     NOK Group s.r.o. was founded in March 2009. The company has been working closely with the state regional archives since its foundation. The motto of our company: "WITHOUT US IS POSSIBLE, BUT WITH OUR IS BETTER"
A couple of years we have carefully studied all the archieves and registries, including technical and legislative side in this area of services offered. All the work that takes place in our company performs at the highest professional level. Our employees regularly improve their skills to perchase more professional experience and renew legal base in the sphere of our services.

     Our company in a short time gained the credibility of both our clients and especially the representatives of the regional state archives. The proof of our good practice is a constant increase of new clients who have entrusted their documents to our company.

     We operate throughout the Czech Republic, but mostly focused on clients from Prague and its surroundings and the entire southern region. We dare to say that NOK Group s.r.o. is one of the best in processing, storage and destruction of information in this sphere from the point of quality and service, and this statement is collective for the members of state regional archives.

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